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Fêtes & Carnivals 1

Ickwell - 6th May

We generally do well at Ickwell, it’s one of those landmark events that shouts “Winter’s over, Spring is starting to behave itself, get your coat on and come and enjoy yourself” People just turn up!

This year, we were set up and ready by mid morning with mug tombola, bric-a-brac, jigsaws & games; logo quiz sheets, lucky dip, skittles and golf.  Woolworth's would have been proud of us.   

Shefford - 1st June

It was a lovely warm day and everyone turned up for Shefford Fête.  We were a little short of space so had to leave the Skittles and Golf game behind.  We’ll have to see what we can do next year. This year, we had our Quiz sheets, Lucky Dip and Mug Tombola and were kept busy throughout the afternoon.  

Sandy - 8th June - The day that the rains came

Our Chickens (and ducks) got their first outing this year at Sandy Carnival.  In the morning we discovered that many of them had forgotten how to fly over the winter, or may be it was the rain in the morning that put them off.  Anyway it was approaching two before people arrived at the show-ground and by that time normal flying service had resumed.  We had one winner of the £10 prize for landing a chicken in the basket.
Our very popular Lucky Dip sold out yet again.

We attend several Village Fêtes throughout the summer, the proceeds go in turn for helping deserving local causes.  We’d like to thank everyone who supports us throughout the year at these events either by paying to have a go or by helping us run the stalls; you make it all possible; we’d be lost without you.

6th May Ickwell

6th May Ickwell

8th June Sandy Chickens & Ducks

8th June Chickens  take flight

1st June Shefford

6th May Ickwell

8th June Sandy - Winner