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Any Old Specs?

What do you do with your old spectacles, when every couple of years you get a new pair?

I put them to one side, just in case I break my new pair; but what to do with them in two years time when there’s yet another new pair?

Unfortunately, the Lions specialise in best kept secrets and for well over thirty years our Club has been collecting old spectacles and forwarding them within our national organisation to be sorted for use by those in need in the third world, where a pair of spectacles changes the entire life of the new owner.

In this country Lions Clubs International started recycling spectacles way back in 1967  down in Chichester and nowadays Lions Clubs throughout the country collect both Spectacles and hearing aids  for  onward use in Africa, India and Eastern Europe

Since we started collecting spectacles in the Biggleswade Sandy area we have recycled over 60,000 pairs to help those overseas clinics provide glasses to those in need  and recently we have been able to significantly increase the number of collection points we have.

Please help us to continue helping in this way by putting your no longer needed spectacles &/or hearing aids into one of our bins at any of the locations listed below

March 2023 - another 2,840 pairs of old specs packed and ready to be dispatched.

A big THANK YOU to all these businesses that accommodate our Collection Bins